• Ozobi is a proud member of the Virtuoso Travel Network. Only 1% of U.S. agencies are invited into this exclusive network with benefits like preferred rates in luxury properties, upgrades upon arrival (if available), & complimentary amenities
  • Ozobi has over $20 billion in collective buying power.
  • Ozobi is accredited by top travel authorities including Virtuoso, ARC & CLIA
  • Ozobi has consistently received top reviews from its customers.

Ozobi does not charge an upfront planning fee for our services. We work on a basis of good faith believing once we’ve engaged in planning a trip with you, you will book through us and we will earn through commissions through hotels. Depending on your itinerary and the scope of your needs, some planning fees may apply.

Generally, No! It’s a myth that working with a travel advisor will automatically cost you more. We get paid commissions from the suppliers. Commission does not come out of your pocket as the customer. You will get the same rate from the hotel if you book directly or through us. The company you are traveling with (airline, hotel, cruise line, outfitter) will pay the travel advisor that commission, and it does not increase your costs. There are no hidden fees, no pressure, and you’ll never pay more than going direct.

Additionally, if you work with a travel advisor who has been established in the industry, they’ll have built relationships with airlines, hotels, tour companies, attractions, that allow your advisor to get private deals and discounts & upgrades that mostly can’t be found online. So when you get down to it, most people find that working with an advisor actually saves them money — and a lot of heartache.

Unlike the average travel booking website, we take time to get to know you. It is our job to find the best value. We have access to amenities that are not available directly to customers like complimentary upgrades and airfare and hotel rates that are not published online. Undoubtedly and best of all, you will gain our unbiased, insider insights when we design your own custom trip, cruise or group escorted tour. We customize unique private journeys where the interaction with the locals and the flexibility of the itinerary plays the lead roles of a successful travel experience.

Additionally, as a bonus you get all the benefits of booking with us, as listed above that will add more value to your trip. The part our clients enjoy most is the time savings and peace of mind we can offer by helping them make smart decisions. There is a big sense of relief when Ozobi’s clients don’t have to spend hours sifting through all the online options.

For more details, please see our section “Why book with us”.

Ozobi specializes in high-end travel and works mostly with five-star hotels & resorts as well as equivalent boutique properties, villas, and safari camps. Full package ground services (hotel, car/driver, guiding, unique experiences) typically begin at $800 per person, per day.

Our travel advisors will help you select a budget range to fit your travel style. Pricing will vary based on time of year, availability, and location. As a general rule of thumb, here are some “Starting At” prices:

Good: $1,750-3,499 per person, 7-day land package, excluding air
Better: $3,500-$6,999 per person, 7-day land package, excluding air
Best: $7,000+ per person, 7-day land package, excluding air

Ozobi’s pricing is presented on a per person basis and not itemized by each individual detail. If you want to adjust the pricing, we can make changes to your itinerary to meet your needs. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a price breakdown. We have negotiated special rates that can’t be released to the public. Our per person pricing model is based on an industry standard. It’s the same approach used by cruise lines and other tour companies like A & K and National Geographic.

While it is possible to search for hotels, tours, and flights online, it’s very difficult to ensure a true apples-to-apples match. Our trips include pieces that can’t be priced out online such as the expertise of our guides, the quality of our properties, professional English-speaking drivers and amenities unique to Ozobi. Also, there are many factors that can be inadvertently left out to make a trip look lower in price; government taxes, port taxes, resort fees, private versus group transfers etc… Simply put, the trip booked online is not the same trip as designed by Ozobi. If you feel the pricing doesn’t match your expectations, we will be happy to discuss ways to adjust your itinerary so it’s a better financial fit.

A well-known quote is, “Price is what you pay, value it what you get.” You can rest easy knowing Ozobi’s pricing is sensible, and you’ll receive tremendous value through our insider insights and attentive service.

The short answer is everybody. You never know what events can affect your trips, and better yet, you want to have solutions and a plan to recoup your losses should you lose time, luggage, or an entire vacation. Your vacation is an investment, which is why Ozobi highly recommends protecting that investment by purchasing travel insurance.

No, they aren’t. Not all insurance providers are the same and nor are vacations. You wouldn’t necessarily purchase the same plan for a domestic resort that you would for a two-week European excursion. That’s why it’s so important to work with a reputable company. Your travel advisor can help in this regard by talking you through the plan options and finding the right one for you that fits your budget and protects you if and when things go awry.

Only group itineraries are fixed. Other itineraries are fully customizable. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the places you visit, while still giving you the freedom and flexibility to personalize your travel and explore at your own pace.

In order for us to ensure the quality and seamlessness for which our brand is recognized, we must control all or at least one big component of an itinerary like hotel booking & touring. While we do offer personalized recommendations, these services are only offered as part of a fully curated itinerary.

Yes! We can book any and all segments of your itinerary.

Our groups are small enough to feel like you are exploring a destination independently, but big enough to enjoy a good social vibe around. Group size varies depending on where and how we are traveling, but our average group size is about 15.

We run group trips for young professionals, special interest women only tours, couple only tours and family group tours. You’re guaranteed to be exploring with fellow travelers around your age. Our group tours are hassle-free (like a vacation should be) with a good blend of adventure and cultural enrichment.

Yes, for travelers looking to create their own itinerary, we also offer Private Tours for groups of 7 travelers or more. Have a group of friends or family looking to take a group trip but don’t want the hassle of group travel planning, we can surely help!

Adventurous but comfortable – Sightseeing, walking/hiking, rafting during the day followed by delicious dinners with interesting conversations and stay at boutique style/iconic or featured property.

NO Planning Required

We do all the search and logistics planning, and activity booking. You just get yourself there and we take care of the rest.

Not only do we spend countless hours planning the best itineraries, but we also try to curate groups of similar travelers to give everyone the best experience possible.

Let us handle the logistics while you get immersed in the beauty of travel – the exciting encounters, the delicious cuisines, the novelty and the unknown.

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At Ozobi every Itinerary is made to order! Attention to detail is our passion and destination knowledge is our expertise. Our travel experts will design a perfect trip around you, with an authentic touch & some unique experiences to match your interests, tastes and budget with absolute commitment to quality.

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